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What are the benefits of having legal representation right in the convenience of your home?

With all the changes the last year has wrought, we have moved into the new era of remote representation; even local courts are conducting most if not all hearings remotely.  With all the different face time apps, such as Zoom and Skype, there is less need to have clients come into the physical office.

What are the other benefits of home consults? Consults via Zoom, Skype or phone, are not only easier and more convenient for our clients but in particular, they eliminate much of the stress of a consult.  Our clients don’t have to worry about leaving home timely, battling traffic to make it to the consult on time, paying for gas, paying the bridge toll, or finding parking.

With remote representation, all you have to do to be on time for your consult is pick up the phone, log onto your computer and click!

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