Motor Vehicle Accidents

Putting Your Life Back Together After A Crash

Motor vehicle accidents are extremely common. Annually there are more than 1000,000 accidents in Washington State. Unfortunately, they can also be life-changing, shattering your world in an instant.

If you need help putting the pieces of your life back together, turn to our accessible and responsive team at Gig Harbor Law. We can represent you anywhere in Pierce, Kitsap, Mason and King counties and beyond. Call us at 253-509-0625 if you were harmed in a:

  • Car crash: Many auto accidents are caused by drunk drivers and distracted drivers (such as teens sending text messages behind the wheel). More than 500 people died last year in car accidents. In situations where the other driver’s negligence was particularly glaring and wrong, you may be entitled to punitive damages. This is extra money awarded to you as a punishment against the at-fault party.
  • Truck accident: Sometimes semi-truck accidents are caused by the trucker’s negligence, such as when he or she speeds, abuses drugs behind the wheel or drives too many hours in a row. In other situations, the trucking company itself is at fault for overloading the vehicle, failing to maintain it or failing to properly train its employees.
  • Motorcycle collision: It’s true that many drivers fail to notice motorcycles or make room for them on the road. As a result, some motorcyclists end up suffering traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and other types of trauma.
  • Boating accident: In Washington, boat operators are required to follow certain rules and watch out for other boaters, swimmers, divers, etc. However, some boaters seem to think that the law doesn’t apply on the water and as such, due to inattention, carelessness, reckless operation, and excessive speed, often end up endangering other people’s lives. Generally, the most reported types of accidents are collision accidents , with the majority of boats involved being motorboats (open and cabin) and personal watercrafts such as Jet Skis and Sea Doos, but capsizing and falling overboard account for over half of all boating fatalities as well.
  • Head & Brain Injuries: A Traumatic brain injury (TBI) can be a result of a blow or hard jolt to the head and can often disrupt a persons brain function. Concussions, often called “closed head injuries”, are a type of TBI. Every person’s brain is different due to the complexity of the brain, and as such, concussion symptoms may appear right away or sometimes may not show up for days or even weeks after a blow to the head. The signs and symptoms of a concussion can often be subtle and missed, making it even more important that medical treatment is obtained immediately following an accident.
  • Slip & Fall Injuries: Each year falls account for more than 1 million injuries in the United States and for about 15 percent of all work–related injuries. There are two basic types of falls, elevated and same-level. Same-level falls occur much more frequently than elevated falls, but elevated falls are usually much more severe. Slips and trips are generally the more common reason for same-level falls and injury results when an individual hits either a working or walking surface or strikes another object during the fall.

If you have been injured in any of the above situations, let us advocate for you. We are also available to handle cases involving buses, ATVs and a wide range of other motor vehicles. Don’t wait to get us on your side. We go above and beyond average expectations to provide the same top quality representation demanded and expected of us by our business and real estate clients.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire An Attorney?

Many people worry that hiring a lawyer costs far too much money. If you’re worried about how to afford a personal injury attorney, worry no longer. We handle all injury cases on a contingency fee basis. This means we only get paid if you get paid. Not only is this a great deal for you, but you can rest assured that we have the motivation to diligently seek results on your behalf.

Let’s Talk – Set Up A Free Initial Consultation

To talk with us, please call 253-509-0625 or send us an email message. We offer a free initial consultation* regarding your personal injury matter, and we will charge no fees unless we secure compensation for you. Further, we commit in our retainer agreement that our firm will never recover more than your net amount so long as the case is settled short of mediation, arbitration or trial.

* We offer free consultation for personal injury cases.

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