Personal Injury & Accidents

Accessible And Responsive Representation When You Need It The Most

Although accidents happen in the blink of an eye, the pain, suffering and financial hardship can last months, years or even a lifetime.

We are all put in harms way, every day, in a multiple different ways as we navigate life and a car crash is just one example of the many types of accidents that we handle, as well as the following types of personal injury cases:

  • Car, truck and motorcycle accidents
  • Slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall accidents
  • Dog bites and other types of animal injuries
  • Toxic mold exposure
  • Accidents involving minor children

How A Personal Injury Attorney Can Make A Difference

While recovering from an accident, a personal injury claim can help ease your mind by allowing us to fight for full and fair compensation  for your injuries:

  • Current medical bills and future medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost paychecks from being unable to work
  • Property damage

Whether your case gets settled or goes to trial, we will work hard on your behalf and you can rest assured that your case is in capable hands. We don’t rank your case based on value. At Gig Harbor Law all cases, regardless of value, are given the highest priority.

Are You Injured And In Need Of Legal Help? Call Today.

The attorney and staff at Gig Harbor Law want to help you. The days, weeks and months after suffering a serious or catastrophic injury can be difficult, but we can provide the support you need to feel confident about your personal injury case. We are no ordinary personal injury law firm. Our personal injury clients receive the same level of premium quality representation demanded and expected of us by our business and real estate clients.

To talk with us, please call, 253-509-0625 or send us a message. We offer a free initial consultation* regarding your personal injury matter, and we will charge no fees unless we secure compensation for you.

Gig Harbor Law provides accessible and responsive representation in Pierce, Kitsap, Mason and King counties and across all of Washington.


* We offer free consultations for personal injury cases.


Call 253-509-0625 or send us a message. We offer a free initial consultation* regarding your personal injury matter, and we will charge no fees unless we secure compensation for you.

Hiring the right lawyer is essential to a favorable outcome for personal injury cases. However, choosing an attorney – especially when you have never spoken with one before – can cause anxiety. At Gig Harbor Law​, we tailor our legal services to our client’s needs. We have built a reputation for our accessibility and responsiveness. We provide straightforward and practical counsel that our clients trust.

Call our office to schedule an appointment to discuss your case. Let our experience work in your favor.

Getting Injured Can Be Frightening

Where do you turn for legal help after an accident caused by someone else’s wrongdoing? How will you pay your medical bills and rehabilitation costs? What happens if you cannot return to the work you did before the accident? How will you afford to manage other expenses?

If the other driver in a car accident was negligent, then you certainly have the legal right to financial recovery from that driver, for your damages. Negligence is a legal doctrine which includes the establishment of a duty, breach of a duty, causation and damages.

Accident victims suffering injuries can find relief from the uncertainty by speaking with an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible after an accident occurs. At Gig Harbor Law, we respond promptly to your questions and develop a strong case to protect your rights to the maximum compensation for your claim. We remain accessible to you throughout the entire process. 

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