Personal injury claims are made up of special damages, which are generally medical bills, and general damages, which include pain and suffering. Though insurance companies would typically deny the correlation, or at least the strength of the correlation, the general damages (pain and suffering) are largely driven by the special damages (medical bills); when special damages increase, general damages increase. With that in mind, even in circumstances where the injuries are severe, the general damages for pain and suffering can be driven down substantially in situations where the client fails to timely obtain sufficient treatment.

DELAYS IN TREATMENTS and GAPS IN TREATMENT are the two major factors used by insurance companies to drive down the damages paid out for pain and suffering. At Gig Harbor Law, we strive to ensure that our clients are getting timely diagnosis and treatment and we educate and push our clients to avoid gaps in treatment and delays in treatment. We assist our clients in promptly finding the necessary providers in order to obtain the appropriate diagnosis and establish the correct course of treatment in a timely manner.


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