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Though we are not clear on the statistics, we suspect that there are millions of dollars in back rent that are owed to landlords, and we anticipate that when the moratorium is lifted, the courts will be flooded with evictions or breach of contract claims. There may be a long waiting period for hearings, perhaps months, on top of the current backlog. There is also a question as to what effect the lifting of the moratorium and resulting in sudden available properties will do to the real estate market. This problem may be compounded by the lift of the stay on foreclosures, which will also potentially flood the market with available real estate. If you are a landlord that must do an eviction for nonpayment of rent or a terminate month-to-month tenancy, get a jump on it! Don’t hesitate to contact Gig Harbor Law to be on the front end of the moratorium expiration. Get your notices out the door now so that your eviction can quickly proceed when the moratorium is lifted.

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